The Tanzania Comoros Trade Summit will be an Annual event in Moroni, Comoros hosted by the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in the Comoros and organized by 361 Degrees, an all-inclusive communication agency based in Dar es Salaam, that is aimed at bringing together high level government officials involved in trade facilitation as well as private sector operators from Tanzania and the Comoros.

The Summit is aimed at fostering trade initiatives whose ultimate goal is to improve business environment, formalize trade and strengthen economic ties between the United Republic of Tanzania and the Union of the Comoros.
  • Strengthen bilateral ties between the Tanzania and Comoros
  • Formalize Trade relations between Both Countries
  • Increase the current Export to Comoros from 0.53% to +5%
  • Provide conducive Investment Opportunities for Tanzanian Companies
  • Regularizes Transport between two nations
  • Become one of the top 5 Trading Partners for Comoros within 5 years
  • To support both government initiatives
  • To engage and empower Tanzanian and Comoro Entrepreneurs to venture beyond boundaries
  • To promote Corporate social responsibility and empowerment
  • To disseminate information, communication and education to the stakeholders.
  • To provide Networking opportunity for the various stakeholders within the Comoros and Tanzanian Business community
  • To provide Capacity building to Tanzanian Business to effectively be able to do business in Comoros
  • To provide information /feedback from stakeholders that shall assist Tanzanian Government in creating
  • favorable policies.
  • To provide opportunities for the Tanzanian human resource to be actively involved in this industry
  • To promote Public and Private Partnerships
  • To export Made in Tanzania Brands, to neo territories