Welcome to our website that will guide you through the agenda of the Tanzania Comoros Trade Summit. The Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in the Comoros in collaboration with 361 degrees have organized a Trade Summit which has been held first time in Moroni on the 23rd of April, 2015.

The objectives of the Meeting are as follows:-

  1. Strengthen bilateral ties between Comoros and Tanzania;
  2. Formalize trade relations between the two countries;
  3. Increase trade exchanges between Tanzania and the Comoros from 0.53% to 5%
  4. Promote investment opportunities for Tanzanian and Comorian companies;
  5. Regularize Transport between two countries, and
  6. Become one of the top 5 trading partners for Comoros within 5 years.

The meeting intends to bring together 200 participants comprising of high level government officials involved in trade facilitation as well as private sector operators.

In this regard, the one day summit will examine and explore sectorial opportunities which are on offer for doing business in Comoros and Tanzania.

Participants will get the opportunity to hear presentations made by experts from various sectors such as Fishing, Agriculture and Food processing, ICT, Infrastructure, Education, Health and Tourism. They will also get the opportunity to meet one to one and explore opportunities to be made on business to business.

This will be a great opportunity of those who would like to invest or do business in Comoros.

Welcome and optimize the opportunity

Chabaka Kilumanga

Ambassador Chabaka Faraji Kilumanga